INAPA, or Indonesia International Auto Parts Accessories & Equip Exhibition, is one of PT’s main events. Global Expo Management was held in Jakarta. GEM Indonesia is an Event Organizer specializing in International Industrial Trade Exhibition.

Sailun, one of the companies that work in this industry, participates in opening a venue in INAPA 2016. As tire enterprises, we want to show more people high-quality premium tires and the difference between low-quality products.

Some visitors are interested in using our products and have even become loyal customers. They trust our products and already feel the experience of using high-quality tires.


Sailun has participated in GAIKINDO 2019. GAIKINDO (Gabungan Industri Kendaraan Bermotor Indonesia) is an organization that holds the biggest automotive event in Indonesia, which is GIIAS (Gaikindo International Indonesia Auto Show).

Many car brands, dealers, and automotive companies participated in this event. The participants can use this event to promote their brand on the stage or booth.

Sailun also participated in GIIAS 2019, and we opened a booth where people could see what kind of tires we offer them. They can see and touch the product to feel the high-quality materials we use for each product.

Mining Indonesia 2019

In 2019, Sailun opened a booth at Mining Indonesia, one of Asia’s largest international mining equipment exhibitions. This exhibition was targeted at industry leaders and key players in the global mining industry. Many top companies joined Mining Indonesia 2019, and we saw an excellent opportunity to expand our networking through that event.

At that event, we open a venue of our latest products and services in one venue. Many visitors were interested in our products. Since then, we have gained more brand awareness and following by conversions, where we successfully gain people’s trust by showing them our high-quality products and services.

Pajero Indonesia Bersatu

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