Sailun Tires

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Wednesday, 13 April 2016 07:09

The S911’s special bead design improves the durability of the tyre. Special
tread design effectively improves the tyre‘s self-cleaning properties. Stout
patterns provide powerful traction.





Features & Benefits:
• The tiny cutter grooves near the edge of grooves can enhance the heat
radiation of pattern treads and reduce the irrugular wear and tear of the
• Deepened grooves will increase mileage.
• The overall pattern design, similar to the arrangement of an animal’s spinal
bones, is used both to strengthen the rigidity of the patterns in the central
region of the crown and to provide a better balance for two shoulders of
the tyre and more uniform tread wear as well as more stable running of the
• The pattern depth in this area forms a transition between the treads and
the bottom of the main grooves and makes the transition of force-bearing
between grooves and pattern blocks more reasonable and increases the
grip of the tyre.


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